Tracy R. Twyman

Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves And the CIA

A Collection of Essays and Interviews About Project MONARCH

What do Satanism, human trafficking, mind-control experiments and child sex abuse have to do with the U.S. government?

According to the testimony of experts and survivors, the CIA utilized all of these elements and more for their Top Secret Project MONARCH, part of the MK-ULTRA mind control program. For reasons of National Security, dozens if not hundreds of people, many of them children, were allegedly subjected to unimaginable rape, torture, and bloody Satanic rituals, with the aim of fracturing the human mind through trauma. This created multiple personalities that could then be programmed to perform specific tasks.

Many of the purported victims say they were used to satisfy the sexual urges of the rich and powerful, even U.S. presidents. For these purposes, the C.I.A. is said to have sought help from intergenerational Satanic cults, as well as child pornography and snuff film networks. As thousands of people were bought and sold on the underground sex slave market, our government supposedly looked the other way, seeing it not as an atrocity but an opportunity. Sound too horrific to be true? Read the pages within, and see for yourself.

Table of Contents

 The Stepford Whores: Project MONARCH and Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves
 The Most Dangerous Game: An Interview with Cathy O'Brien
 Access Granted: An Interview with Mark Phillips
 Where's Johnny? An Interview with Noreen Gosch
 The Franklin Cover-Up: An Interview with John DeCamp
 The Finders: An Interview with Ted Gunderson
 False Memories: An Interview with Pamela Freyd
 Postscript: Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sex Slavery in the New Millennium
 Mind Control Survivors' Testimony at the Human Radiation Experiments Hearings
 Testimony: Questions
 Address by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden at the Round Table of Business community against the Trafficking of Human Beings
 Postscript: Satanic Apologetics
 The Biological Basis of Elitism and "Divine Right" Rule
 Fields of the Nephilim
 Starfire Bloodfests
 Monatomic Gold: The Substitute
 Sympathy for the Devil
 Every Elf For Himself
 Michael Aquino's Response to Tracy Twyman's Request For an Interview
 FACSIMILE: Behavioral Drugs and Tests
 FACSIMILE: Mind-Behavior Control

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Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA: A Collecti ....
Twyman, Tracy R.



Cross of Lorraine

The Degenerate
The Menace against Tracy R. Twyman

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Reddit.com "Very Gnostic. Oh! Bw... for some reason... Devout Muslims in wheelchairs made me LOL> I felt horrible."

Reddit sewneo S.B Alger: "Very Gnostic. Oh! Btw... for some reason... Devout Muslims in wheelchairs made me LOL> I felt horrible."

رديت: "معرفي للغاية. أوه! بالمناسبة... لسبب ما... المسلمون المتدينون الذين يجلسون على الكراسي المتحركة اضحكوني بشدة. شعرت بالسوء."

Alicia Anna Taylor, S.B. Alger's alleged "fiancée" is a Mandated Reporter due to her role and position as a registered nurse.

Thus, legally and by the law Alicia is required and must , as it is her duty, report S.B. Alger and his actions of his publicly admitted negligence and abuse against disabled individuals whom S.B. Alger was employed to serve;  as his actions were "motivated by Hate".

License #200540121RN 
NPI: 1457476392

"Like all healthcare professionals, every nurse bears the ethical and legal responsibility of following regulations as mandated reporters in their state."

Al-Bustani v. Alger et al
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US District Court for the Western District of Washington
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